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  • Where is my order? How do I find my tracking number?
    An email confirmation is sent upon completion of your order that includes the tracking number. If you didn't receive one or can't find it, please contact us at
  • Can I modify the shipping time?
    Shipping is available 1 day air only, to ensure your sausage arrives safely for you to consume. We ship every orders every Monday and Wednesday.
  • Can I pick up my sausage in person?
    Sadly no, but we come to you! We deliver to customers in the Kansas City Metro area every Saturday. Select this delivery option during check out and be sure to place your order no later than 12pm on Friday, so we can prepare it for delivery.
  • How will my order arrive?
    Your sausages will be shipped frozen in insulated packaging with 5lbs of dry ice. Upon arrival, put them in the freezer to store for later. If you plan to eat them soon, stick them in the fridge to fully defrost.
  • Can I find Carl's Original in stores?
    Not yet. We hope to be in a store near you soon! Feel free to ask your local grocer when they plan to carry our fine products. Until they do, just subscribe to our email updates or follow us on social media. Please contact us directly, if you know a store interested in carrying Carl's Original.
  • How is the sausage made?
    For other sausage, you might not want to know the answer! At Torretta Fine Foods, our sausages are made with love, in small batches, according to Carl's Original Recipe. They are about 75% lean using heritage breed pork raised without antibiotics or hormones with a proprietary blend of spices in a natural pork casing.
  • Do I get a discount for ordering in bulk?
    Yep, sure do! A 10lb case is 10% off. Contact us for more details,
  • Can I order sausage for my restaurant or store?
    Please do! In fact, we strongly encourage it. We would be honored to have Carl's Original featured at your eatery or retail shop! Please contact us for special order pricing at
  • Have a question you don't see on this list?
    Just drop us a line, If asked repeatedly, your question may end up on this list!

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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